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Life Lately

Life Lately

This past month has been overwhelming. Filled with blessings, at times mentally exhausting, relieving, fun, scary, but all in all BLESSED. My blog is a place of "real" and I want to keep it that way. I can not tell y'all how wonderful it has been being "Social Media Free". It has been extremely liberating, and has helped me be so much more "in the now"...

I have picked up reading again, started painting, and most of all get to enjoy moments not being behind a phone screen trying to capture all the "fun", to ensure I can post it later for the world to know how "fun" it really was. 

The past week we got to celebrate my best friend's (second) little boy turning ONE. Keisha's first born, is Parker's best friend, and they have been best friends since they were only a couple of months old. Her whole family is a big part of our hearts. 

We've ended Parker's first year at her wonderful Christian Pre-school, and what a blessing it has been for her - she already can't wait to go back in August! 

We celebrated her 3rd birthday with her class with Parker’s ONLY birthday request being: “Pink Minnie Mouse Ear Cupcakes!”

She got her first professional mani & pedi!

We've had plenty of "Beans-y Boy" smooches, donkey walks, chicken cuddles, and cow kisses.

She's enjoyed her first summer camp experience. 4 days for 3 hours of: Water fun, dance parties, baking, cooking, and so much more fun!

So much fun, and so many blessings lately. It is truly wonderful what happens when you allow God to lead you in life, as opposed to trying to form your own path. If you let go, and let God guide you through the hurt, fear, worry, and pain, he will bring you to something more beautiful than you've ever known.

God Bless each and every one of you that have called, e-mailed, or have kept up on the blog...

We love each of you and hope you enjoy the photos from this month’s journey!

PS: Watermarks have been added to ensure nobody steals photos for other blogs or advertisements. 


Pausing (for life) instead of Posting...

Pausing (for life) instead of Posting...