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TJ Maxx - For the win!

TJ Maxx - For the win!

Tj Maxx is a weekly "errand" in this Personal Assistant, Nanny-ing, constantly traveling, mini human's momma, world. I am forever finding things I totally NEED (insert sarcasm), and then the things I wonder how i ever lived without. These are some of the goodies, and total steals -

Dr. Scholl's Slip On Sneakers - Yeah, I know I know... Dr. Scholl's are supposed to be old lady shows, but holy moly are these bad boys CUTE & COMFY. Around $70 || $24.99 at Tj Maxx in Boone.

Jewlery Stand - Because what's better than organized and cute?! - $15.99

Fekkai Dry Shampoo - Okay, I have to be honest... I have NEVER used dry shampoo before last weekend. GAME CHANGER, y'all. Between working full time, and a toddler and a teenager, who has time to wash their hair every? *Judgment free zone here* Usually $15 - $17 || $7.99 at Tj Maxx in Boone

PearlEssence Cucumber Water Hydrating Face Mist & Tarte Maracuja Oil - Do your face a favor and pick these babies up! Winter always makes my face super dry, and these two are the perfect fix. I use the hydrating mist all over my face,and the oil for under my eyes. The hydrating mist is also perfect for a nice "pick me up" on those groggy mornings. 

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Slow down, Momma.         {nap time} rituals

Slow down, Momma. {nap time} rituals