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Slow down, Momma.         {nap time} rituals

Slow down, Momma. {nap time} rituals

Each day at noon it's a race from Parker's pre-school to our house, to unload whatever I (magically) filled the entire back of my full sized SUV with that day...πŸ˜… Then get P changed into her pajamas, feed the animals, remind my grandma what day & year it is (Dementia is a one heck of a disease), give Carney her chores for the day, and get Parker down for her nap before 1pm.

Each day, I realized I was so overwhelmed with getting things "done" before 1pm - I would forget to slow down and give Parker the attention she deserves after her 3 hours at pre-school. Selfishly, forgetting to discuss all the exiting things she surely wants to tell me that she learned, and did. Wanting my attention be cuddles.  So, last week I decided, the same way I would make time for myself to read my devotionals throughout the day, she deserved the same. I am happy to say, I have noticed a huge improvement for both of us. She feels a sense of "calm" and I feel a sense of "peace" dedicating that as "our" time.

I picked up a few toddler prayer books, short stories, and this super cute "Veggie Tales" book about the true meaning of Easter. She absolutely loves it! 

P.S. They sell it at Harris Teeter in BooneπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


TJ Maxx - For the win!

TJ Maxx - For the win!

"Oh its cold again?" OOTD

"Oh its cold again?" OOTD