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My [Go-To] Devotional(s)

My [Go-To] Devotional(s)

As previously mentioned I like to divide up my devotionals into {3 parts} throughout my day.

Morning - Mid-Day - Bedtime

I got these two from Cornerstone Books in Boone, NC. I really enjoy them.

"Once A Day Devotional For Women" is PERFECT for a quick "pick-me-up" mid-day.

"Jesus Calling" is a Best Seller almost everywhere, and now I know, for obvious reasons.

It is a little bit "deeper", and more geared towards directing you to reading actual scripture in your bible, which is perfect for right before bed. You can devote more "me time" to scripture after everyones been fed, the kid(s) are/is asleep, you've actually showered (what, no way?!) and you can sit down, absorb, and learn.

P.S. anything PINK is a "clickable" link to the site where that item can be purchased.

A full time friendship...

A full time friendship...

How I got here...