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How I got here...

Recently I've felt God pulling at my heart strings. I decided it was time to get my life back where I really needed to be, at the feet of Jesus. I have had major stresses lately, real life stresses. Although I am not a fan of "medicating an issue" - I will openly say I was prescribed anxiety meds, and they were absolutely no help at all. I then realized I t was time for help, real help. Help that only God could fulfill. 

I stopped looking for a "cure", a quick stress reliever, and instead invested my time into finding peace through God. First I started with prayer, then I added a devotional app on my phone, and now I am working on 3 different devotionals to help me throughout the day.

Originally I started devotionals in the morning in an attempt to start out my day feeling calmer.  I starting each day with some "me time" where I could center myself with Jesus and find my peace first thing in the morning. Then, I realized by mid-day I was overwhelmed with anxiety and felt like I was drowning in worry. So, I decided to try the same ritual mid-day, and purchased a second devotional...  I would put Parker down for her nap and then I would stop, breathe, grab my new devotional and it is was like I was whole again.

Clearly, I do nothing minimally so I decided to end my days in scripture as well. Again, one of the best decisions I've made for myself, my quality of life, and my relationship with the Lord.

I am not documenting this to "brag" about the amount of time I spend in the word, but instead it is a way to try to help others. Others who suffer from true anxiety. Anxiety is a real thing, and it is NO joke, especially to those who suffer from it as well as their loved ones, who experience it with them. I see you mommas, dads, teenagers, abuse victims... All of you. I know it hurts, but there is relief. 

Take time for you. Whether that be in scripture, meditation, or simply stopping to breathe. Take the time, you  deserve it. 

My [Go-To] Devotional(s)

My [Go-To] Devotional(s)

March 22nd

March 22nd